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The DDT Game The DDT Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars


me likey the penis

Joey responds:

i kno u doo baby.

Cumsy's Aerial Cumshot E. Cumsy's Aerial Cumshot E.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

great game,controls werent so good though

well,it was swell in the ways of art,but you do need to work on it a little bit more,nice job anyways

Territory WAR Territory WAR

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Afroninjer makes decent game

Though mediocre it is still very decent and well worth playing, here's your review.

Graphics: I hate stick crap and the level design did not help much either, you really could of improved in that category.

Style: Ive seen other games like these on the portal where you command a squad, nothing special there.

Sound: Great scores, you took excellent advantage of liscenced music by people in the audio portal, nice job there.

violence:There was quite a bit of that, kicking, throwing and then shooting.

interactivity: you have got to be one of the greatest programmers in flash since tom fulp himself, I mean multiple modes, choices and emphasis on gameplay, simply beautiful. There's nothing I can even point out as a flaw, not even bugs or glitches.

Overall: A mediocre score, but your scripting raised you up by 3 points, amazing scripting.

Actionscript Tutorial. Actionscript Tutorial.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very helpful

I saw the definite effort put into this tutorial, your information was vwery spot on and accurate, and you also explained it very well, It helps people reach the pinnacle of mx 2004 variables in a matter of a few weeks.

The graphics and music were really crap though, you made a bad choice with the songs and the interface was not too well designed

You still came out of your way to make a good tutorial, It is no ultimate tutorial 2, but it's still very good for programmers in training.

Mario's Adventure 2! Demo Mario's Adventure 2! Demo

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Work on it

This is definitely going to be a game of high quality when the full one comes out, and true_darkness, one of the youngest programmers on ng worked on it as well, you really had some good intentions ( clever use of sprite design) but you need to improve on these things

1. Improve the motion tween to make mario jump higher, all ya really got to do is add a couple more points to the y part of the tween.

2. Make the sprites a little more extensive (make some kind of sprite with mario drowning when in water)

3. Seperate the sounds when you die ( just program it to stop sounds when you hit the water or when the enemy touches you.

I know I dont have movies or games so doint point that out if your going to respond.

TrueDarkness responds:

Hey, thanks for the great review. Well let me start off with one problem with your #1. The jump is programmed, not really tweened, but yea I can easily make the normal jump higher. The super jump is the idea by us of holding down one key and pressing another to make Mario go even higher, which is why in the authors comments I said that it is merely OUR version, and =P. 2. Yea we can easily work on the expansion of use of sprites, we'd love ti, didn't think it was needed much but if people insist, why not!?
3. I wanted to do that, but it would sound pretty weird, if the bg music stops, plays a little sound, and then the bg music plays :/

Thanks for reviewing, we'll work on these things for the full version =)